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Hey there! This is Maria!

I was born and raised in Athens-Greece. I finished my studies there and obtained a master degree in Geotechnical engineering and another one in Structural (civil) engineering both from the National Technical University of Athens. I worked many years in the field of architectural design and the construction of luxurious seafront residences in the Attica region.

Since I was a little girl, I remember being deeply in love to the beauty existing around us, the perfection (at least in my eyes), the harmony in space and the pairing of colours and materials. This led me to my further specialization in interior architecture design and decoration in the Athens College (HAEF). Later, I worked as a professor of architectural design at the same educational program.

Then love led me to Switzerland and Zürich where I live with my husband and 2 daughters since 2013. Here I participated in several drawing and painting seminars from the Schule für Kunst und Design Zürich and continued my education in interior design and consulting.

I love to paint or as I like to call it “play with colours” and create/re-construct by hand any object that can be made more beautiful and match its space.

I love tennis and skiing but nothing surpasses my love for my 2 daughters, Nefeli and Lida!

Yours truly,

Maria Klapsaki-Sotiropoulos